Maximize your Marketing: 2 Ways to Take Advantage of Floor Space

Floor marketing in a restaurantIf you run a business that brings in customers on a daily basis, then you probably spend a reasonable amount of time and money making sure that your space is welcoming and well branded. Particularly for retail stores, hotels and restaurants, the impression that visitors and customers get inside your store or space is important – both for functional reasons, and for the overall feeling they get about your brand. Are you using every space you can to make sure you give the best first impression possible?

 We think that one of the most overlooked spaces in your store, restaurant, hotel or other business is under your customers’ feet – think ground level! While it’s important to make sure your flooring or carpeting is in good condition, we’re talking about extras here. Are you using floor space to turn up the volume on your marketing in-store? Or to help customers navigate your hotel? Or just to welcome them in with a friendly visual? Here are 2 cost-effective ways to use your floor space for maximum impact:

Welcome Them in with Carpets & Mats

DigiPrint HDIf customers and clients will be entering your business space, you should be welcoming them in! One of the best ways to do this is with a custom printed carpet or mat. We have a huge collection of carpets and mats to suit every space – indoor and outdoor, high traffic and low traffic, large and small – and also to suit every custom design, whether you need hi-def images printed on plush, or your logo rendered large and bold on a mat where customers can clean their shoes. Our DigiPrint HD carpet is a great option for a beautiful print in full color, and the popular Custom Berber mat is ideal if you want a custom shape for your logo or image.

Get Them Moving with Floor Clings

Floor poster clingsFloor poster clings are a great way to advertise anything, but they’re especially useful for helping customers to navigate your space, whether it’s finding the restrooms in your restaurant or reaching the weekly sale section in your store. You can use floor clings to create a path through your space, to highlight a section with special offers, or just to advertise a seasonal event or sale. They stick to the floor with adhesive, but it’s non-permanent, so you can switch them out whenever you want. Your floor is a huge untapped resource for marketing, and you can take advantage of it with this inexpensive way to advertise.

These are just 2 ways you can use your floor space to maximize marketing – we also offer pop out banners, custom printed flooring, and many other products to help. If you’d like to find out more about our many options, call us at 1 (800) 980-6871, email us, or reach out through Live Chat on our website. Already know what you want? You can always request a quote, too.

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