Logo on the Move: Improving Your On-the-Go Branding

If you’ve been focused on your marketing and branding efforts, then you probably have significant branding efforts underway at your business – banners, branded carpets, signs and flags, all bearing your great logo. This is definitely the first step in making sure that customers and visitors recognize your logo, and know who you are as a business. But what about reaching beyond your own space?

We’re a society that is constantly on the go. We’re driving the kids to soccer practice, visiting friends, going to the park, attending concerts, etc. Obviously you don’t need to be advertising your business every second of every day, but there are likely opportunities you’re missing for increasing your brand recognition in your general area as you travel around. We’ve got a few ideas to get you started, so you can take your logo and your branding on the go.

Vinyl Decals to Travel with You

Vinyl decalIf you’re anything like us, you probably take your car just about everywhere. What a great chance to show your logo around town and further afield! Our vinyl decals are perfect for the job – they adhere to your car with permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive. Combined with the die-cut laminated vinyl, which is durable and resists damage, this makes for a secure, long-lasting decal that can show off your business logo wherever you go. If your business has company cars, vinyl decals are a great way to make sure that your branding is uniform across the whole fleet! This is an inexpensive way to get your logo out where everyone can see it.

Clings For All Your Spaces

Window clingThere are a lot of places you could be posting your logo or advertising, beyond your actual business space. Our window clings are an easy and non-permanent way to stick your logo around town – with permission of course! You can post your logo in windows at home, around the office, at any businesses you partner with, and any local organizations that are happy to let you advertise (community spaces, bus stops and stations, etc.) The clings are removable so you can advertise temporary offers and events, as well as your logo.

Director’s Chair for Events

Director's ChairSummer and fall are both big seasons for outdoor events like fairs, festivals, concerts, and even just a family trip to the park! If you’re out in a space with lots of people and event-goers, that’s a great time to display your logo. Our Director’s Chair is a smart and functional way to do this. You custom logo, and even an accompanying message, can be displayed on the front or back, or both. It’s a win-win situation – you get to rest in a comfy chair at your concert or picnic, and your logo gets maximum visibility!

These are just a few options to get you thinking about on-the-go marketing. If you’re looking to expand marketing outside in general, check out our Outdoor Collection for ideas as well. And as always, we hope you’ll get in touch with questions, ideas, and quote requests, so we can help you maximize your branding and your reach!

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