Shop for Flexibility: Choosing Trade Show Visuals that Work Anywhere

Setting up a trade show booth or event display is hard enough when everything works – it’s a nightmare when it doesn’t. Sometimes your event space is not what you thought it’d be; dimensions change, floor plans get rearranged, outdoor events move indoors for bad weather. How can you ensure that your setup is still quick and easy, and that all your visuals and furniture work in whatever space you end up with? Flexibility.

There’s a lot to think about when you’re choosing visuals for your events, but we’d definitely suggest that you look into options that are flexible, adjustable and versatile. These visuals will help you pull it all off even if your setup space is smaller or larger than you originally planned on, so you can impress no matter what. Below are just a few of our flexible options – we have many!

Expand Link Wall

Expand Link WallThis eye-catching backdrop is totally customizable for different spaces, and looks great no matter how you choose to set it up! The Expand Link Wall is a 3-panel display that makes a great backdrop for your display, but can also be configured differently if your needs change.

For example, if your space doesn’t allow for all 3 panels, you can take out a panel and use the wall as a 2-panel display. Or, you separate all 3 panels and stand them around your space for individual graphic displays. You can even stand two panels back to back for the double-sided display! Check out this video to see how the Expand Link Wall works.

Adjustable Table Covers

Convertible table coverOur convertible table cover is about as versatile as they come. We know that a table is often the centerpiece of a trade show booth or event display, and it has to look just right. This adjustable table cover fits a standard 8 foot table in a throw style, but can easily adjust (with Velcro hook-and-loop tabs) to fit a standard 6 foot table  as well. This means that even if you’re not sure what size table will be provided for you at an event, you can arrive with confidence, knowing that your custom printed table cover will fit. 

Pipe and Drape Systems

Pipe and drapeHaving a professional, sharp-looking backdrop for your event space is critical. Pipe and drape systems are ideal for versatility since they can really work in any size space, with the right hardware. Think about it – your custom printed drapes will hang anywhere, and can be scrunched or gathered if the space is smaller than you originally expected. What you need to make it all work is adjustable hardware to create a pipe system that can expand and contract to fit different spaces. Our adjustable uprights and telescopic drape supports give you total control, and upright extensions let you add extra height.

Many of our visuals are designed to make your life easier, with versatility and flexibility. Get in touch to discuss the above options and many others, or request a quote if you know what you want!

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