Spotlight on Triga: Tension-Based Trade Show Displays

It can be hard to come up with a show-stopping trade show booth or display that will guarantee you more attention from event-goers and visitors. The options are endless, visuals are complicated, and your time and money are not limitless. A clever design that can get you noticed without hours of setup is a good place to start.

If simple is more your style – if you’d rather get a ‘wow’ reaction from the crowd with one or two statement pieces, rather than assembling a dozen different banners, flags and custom table covers – then Triga is for you. There is no look more professional than a sleek, smooth Triga display, and the big visual impact means you won’t need lots of other accessories and visuals to turn up the volume. If the Triga modular display system sounds like something you might be interested in, read on for a few of the benefits!

Smooth, Seamless Visuals

Triga trade show displayThe Triga modular display system uses patented tensioning devices to create even tension throughout the display, whether it’s a tower, wall or other piece. Your graphics, printed on a flame retardant heavy knit celtic cloth, are held in place by graphic rails, moved up and down as needed by the tensioning devices. The end result is a flawless canvas for your artwork, whether it’s an image, logo or promotional message. Triga Walls can be single- or double-sided, and Triga Towers can be made up of individual graphic panels, or one long graphic wrapped around all sides.

Fully Customizable

Triga towersThe beauty of Triga tension fabric systems is that they can all be totally customized to fit your space, your style, and your design aesthetic. Height and width are up to you, and you can choose single panel walls or join up many panels for a long, seamless wall. Towers can be as tall as you want them, or small enough to fit inside your trade show booth. Triga Walls can be straight, concave, convex, or even S or wave-shaped. With your custom artwork, any Triga display you choose will be 100% your own design. We also supply a wide range of Triga accessories for more customization.

All-in-One Design

Triga trade show boothNo one would say that Triga makes a ‘simple’ or minimalist display, but there is something to be said for the simplicity of using one or two elements to get the biggest visual impact possible. A Triga Booth gives you everything you need to stop passersby in their tracks, in one easy, portable system. It’s still fully customized so you can get the booth you envision, but you won’t have to pull together 100 different elements to get there!

If Triga’s tension fabric displays sound like something that you want to learn more about before your next event, get in touch for details or request a quote for your design. We know that trade show booths and event displays can be tricky to plan, and are happy to help you figure it all out!

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