Independence Day Inspiration: 4th of July Marketing Tips

Fourth of July BBQEverybody likes a holiday, especially if it means a day off from work! But the 4th of July is always a favorite, largely due to the traditions and activities that we use to mark the day. From parades and fireworks to barbeques and burgers, it’s a holiday that we all choose to celebrate in different ways, but with common themes. Patriotic parties and parades are a necessary part of the day for many people, and it’s hard to miss a fireworks display, no matter where you live. With barbeques on the brain, we’ve put together a few marketing tips inspired by the 4th, and the ways we celebrate this important day.

Make It Outside

Bow flagsOne of the most universal aspects of get-togethers on the 4th of July is location: nobody wants to celebrate Independence Day inside! Whether it’s a barbeque, beach trip or backyard volley ball game, you’ll find most of your neighbors, friends and family enjoying the open space outdoors. If you haven’t experimented with marketing and advertising out-of-doors, let this be your inspiration! For restaurants, retail stores and other businesses, expanding your marketing outside to your storefront or the sidewalk is a great way to get noticed by new people. Roll up banners, pennant flag strings, and bow flags are easy and cost-effective ways to draw attention to your outdoor space.

Make a Spectacle

Custom tentFireworks displays are as American as PB and J – and an unflaggingly popular way to spend the 4th. Fireworks can be enjoyed by everyone from kids to grandparents, appealing to a wide range of people. And they’re so loud and bright, you couldn’t ignore them even if you wanted to! Those are some great takeaways for marketing.

What can you do to make a splash like your local fireworks night? Can you host a tent event with music and games to draw in the whole family? Can you make your outdoor marketing so brilliant and flashy that no one will be able to miss it? Think outside the box to reach more people – and think bigger is better!

Make a Tradition

Many people celebrate the 4th of July in traditional ways, with the same barbeque, parade, or picnic every year. It gives families and friends something to look forward to and count on, and means you know what to expect.

Eclipse II Tent eventWhile there’s always something to be said for the unexpected, in marketing a tradition or annual event can help people to connect with you regularly. Consider hosting an annual customer thank you party, sidewalk sale, or charity fundraiser, or sponsor games and activities for kids in your community. You’ll ensure that people are thinking of you at regular intervals, so maybe they’ll think of you when they need the service or product you provide!

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but the general theme is visibility. All of these suggestions will help you be more visible in your community. If you’re looking for visuals to ramp up your presence, we hope you’ll shop around our site and then get in touch to find out how we can help!

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