Under the Big Top: Show Off with Custom Tents

Outdoor events are the perfect space to show off – you can go over the top without overwhelming your space or your surroundings. But, being outside can also mean that you need to go big, or visitors will pass you by. A low-key display or subtle visuals can be hard to spot outdoors, in big spaces with lots of other things competing for event-goers attention. We have a suggestion which will guarantee that your display gets noticed: a custom tent!

If you’ve avoided custom tents because you’re sure they’re out of your price range, it’s time to reconsider. A shelter with your logo or images printed brightly and boldly can bring in a lot of new visitors, and a moderately priced tent (hint: we have many!) will be a cost-effective investment that makes a difference well worth its purchase price. Here are just a few options that can really take your outdoor display up a few notches with unmissable visual impact:

SPLASH Custom Tent

SPLASH Custom TentOur newest custom tent offering is also our most cost-effective dye sublimation printed tent, priced reasonably to put a great looking tent within the reach of any business on a budget. The Splash custom tent is a 10’ x 10’ tent, with a high quality 600 denier canopy that yields great looking designs. You can print on all 8 surfaces (4 peak panels and 4 valances) for maximum impact, and setup and take down take less than 5 minutes. We even include 4 stakes, 4 sandbags, and rope for additional stability, and a carry bag to make transport easy!

Eclipse II Custom Tent

Eclipse tentThe Eclipse II tent is our most popular tent choice, no doubt because of its impressive professional quality and customization options. It comes in sizes from 8 x 8’ up to 10’ x 20’, so it can serve a wide range of purposes and spaces. The professional grade canopy fabric comes in 22 colors, so you can highlight your custom dye sublimation print with the right background. If you’re in a hurry, this tent is also available in a 24 or 48 hour rush!

Hut II Custom Tent

Hut II tentThis professional shelter is for those who want to stick out from the crowd with unique design and bold visuals. The Hut II has a gabled roof that stands out in comparison to the more common center peak design that most shelters have. This design gives you a huge printable area on both sides of the tent, so you can splash your logo or image across the front (and back!) for everyone to see. With the same 10’ x 10’ footprint as most typical tents, the Hut II is a great way to ensure that visitors don’t overlook your outdoor space!

These are just 3 of our tents that will certainly wow event-goers (and your competitors) at all your outdoor events. We carry a range of 12 fully custom tents and even more pop up tents, so you’ll definitely be able to find something that fits your style, your space and your budget. Get in touch to discuss specs, or request a quote if you already have your eye on something!


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