Marketing for Businesses: 3 Top Tips (for Web and Real Life)

Marketing for any type of business is a challenging and multi-faceted process. And these days, it’s only becoming more complicated – now it includes social media, your website, your reviews on Yelp, your brick and mortar store if you have one, and a host of other things. Obviously we’re not going to cover all that in one blog post! Here are the highlights, 3 marketing tips we think will help you make a big jump in a short time. If you’re interested in tips for Ecommerce businesses, check out our guest post on’s blog.

1. Get Real

    We work in visual marketing – helping you to get the custom, high-impact visuals that will turn passersby and trade show visitors into new leads and customers. It’s an important part of your physical, real life presence. So often today companies become bogged down with constant Facebook posting, tweeting, or endless Google AdWords campaigns. Those are all important things, but you shouldn’t sacrifice your face-to-face marketing to focus on cyber outreach.

    SPLASH custom tentWhether it’s for an event you’re attending, or just to spice up your storefront, great visuals will make a statement that brings new eyeballs to your products, services, or brand ethos. Custom tents are probably the biggest way to make an impression – we dare you to walk by a great looking, branded tent without taking notice! Our newest tent is really making a splash – the SPLASH Custom Tent, a shelter that is both economical and fully custom printed!

    2. Get Mobile - Your Site and Others

      If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you should probably stop reading this blog and go fix that, stat! Nowadays your customers are definitely checking you out on their smartphones, and you don’t want them to opt for a competitor because they can’t view your site on their device. Responsive design is a great way to make your existing site mobile friendly, but you can also construct a specific mobile site that is a trimmed down version of your desktop site.

      mobile websiteGetting smart in the mobile world also means encouraging your customers and leads to interact with their phones. With Foursquare, you can instantly offer coupons or discounts to visitors who check in at your store or business. Or, you can reward them for reviewing your business on Facebook, Google +, or Yelp, since potential customers often use these sites on their phones to decide whether you’re a good bet.

      3. Humanize Your Brand

        Office phoneOne of the biggest ways that social media has changed our business world is that people now look for human interactions with the brands they consider using. Whether it’s a tweet, a reply on Facebook, or an email signed by a team member (not just “customer service”), potential customers will respond to personal messaging. If you’re not doing this in your communications, it’s a great place to start. We make a point to always have a human being answer the phone – no robot voice, no touchtone menu with recorded options, just a real person who wants to help.

        MVP Visuals wants to be a helpful partner in all your marketing efforts. We hope you’ll check out our guest blog on, and reach out to us with questions – or if you’re interested in visuals to amp up your physical presence!

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