Father’s Day Marketing Advice: 2 Real Life Dad Lessons for Business

World's Greatest Dad mugHere at MVP Visuals, we posted a blog in May, for Mother’s Day, with trade show planning tips inspired by the family matriarch. Now that it’s June, Father’s Day was this past weekend – celebrated in my family with the traditional barbeque. The holiday obviously had me thinking about what lessons I’ve learned from my dad (Pop, to those who know him) over the years, and how they relate to good business and marketing advice.

The two lessons laid out in this blog post are specific to the things that my dad has shown me, but I’m sure that there are many tips and tricks that can transition from solid dad life advice to wise business advice too! 

  1. If your work is great, it speaks for itself.

Word of mouth marketingMy father is a farmer, which means he works long and hard hours to keep up with the demands of farm life. He is also a mostly quiet, very modest person, who puts in the long hours without complaint. From watching him, I’ve seen that good work is its own reward. But moreover, good work is its own advertising, and will bring rewards like word of mouth marketing.

If you’re working hard for your clients or customers, your efforts will be reflected in the services or products you provide, and that success will be reflected in your sales and repeat customers. Of course in advertising and marketing we all have to blow our own horns from time to time, but providing exemplary service, day in and day out, is the best advertising your can possibly get.

  1. Know when to DIY, and when to call in the professionals.

My dad, like many dads, is a very handy guy. He kept my old jalopy of a car running all through high school and most of college, and can devise fixes and hacks for almost any problem. He’s definitely a DIY type of person, and that’s how a lot of stuff gets done around the farm and in our family in general. That said, DIY is not a substitute for the professionals in some cases, and knowing where that line is can be very important. My dad doesn’t shy away from calling in support when it’s necessary, whether it’s the vet, the cement guy, or the tow truck.

Splash custom tentIn terms of marketing, there is a lot that you can do yourself – nobody knows your business and what you have to offer like you do! But there are aspects that are better handled by others, like custom printed table covers and tents. The basis of your marketing is your own knowledge, but the execution of marketing materials is often something that requires professional designers, and companies like MVP Visuals who supply what you need, fast.

This barely scratches the surface, but I hope these tips give your business something to think about! Marketing for small businesses is a lot of work and a lot of collaboration, and we’re happy to collaborate with you on expanding your efforts and your visuals. Browse our webshop and then get in touch to talk more.

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