Getting Your Artwork Picture-Perfect for Printing: A New eBook

We know that for many small businesses, or new start-ups just getting off the ground, there is a lot of work to be done. It can take a great deal of time, effort and money to starting from scratch with branding for a new business, or improve your branding if it has been lacking. But as any marketing strategist will tell you, these are very vital steps. Potential customers will get to know your brand and your logo before they get to know you, your services, or your products. First impressions, as always, are key!

Help is Here For You

eBook Landing PageAt MVP Visuals, we  work hard to smooth the path for businesses working to ramp up their branding with custom visuals – any step we can take to simplify the process, remove obstacles, or reduce costs for our customers is something we’re happy to do. As part of this effort, we put together information that we think will help businesses reach their goals for marketing.

This includes advice and ideas on our blog, information videos about products and design, and eBooks that explore topics in depth. Our latest eBook, “How to Prepare Artwork for Printing,” has just been released this week, and we’re hopeful that it will help many businesses and start-ups to get exactly what they want from their visuals.

The Logistics of a Logo

Color emotion guideThe first chapter of our new eBook looks at the most important elements of a logo: font and color. Your potential customers will react differently to different styles of font, and to different colors, in your logo design. Have you thought about how that reflects on your business? Being fun and funky with your colors and text is great for design companies, consultants, artists, print shops, etc., but it wouldn’t give the right impression for a law office or healthcare company. Similarly, a stripped-down, black and white logo might be ideal for companies that want to project an uber-professional image, but how would that look for a school or restaurant?

Think about what your business has to offer, and what you want customers to think about your business. Then read chapter one to see what elements of a logo will help you project that image to the world!

Talking the Talk

PMS colorsSince we’re in the business of visuals, we know that there’s a lot of complicated lingo that flies around. Many acronyms and design terms might be totally unfamiliar to you as a business owner or start-up company. This eBook helps to define and explain jargon that you’ll need to know to communicate your needs to designers and printers.

This includes comparing different image types (vector vs. raster), color references (PMS vs. CMYK vs. RGB), and discussing the resolution you’ll need for a good quality print. We’ve also got 5 free art tools and hacks to ease you through the design process!

If you’d like to download our free eBook, click here. There’s no obligation, but you will find a bonus offer at the end to help you get from logo pipe dreams to beautifully printed visuals.

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