Your Options: Creative Trade Show Flooring and Carpeting

So, you have your custom table covers, your logo banners, and even some branded swag to hand out. What is your trade show booth missing? Something to tie it all together, of course! That's the important role your trade show flooring or carpeting plays in your space. Don't overlook this opportunity to get the look and feel right for your booth or event display. Visitors and event-goers will notice!

The tricky part is that you have a huge range of options to choose from, from roll out flooring to custom printed plush carpeting. Think carefully about what you have in mind for your display - do you already have a ton of branded visuals? If your logo is splashed across most of your space already, then simple, high quality carpeting or roll out flooring might be the best option, to avoid overwhelming your display. If your other visuals are more subtle and decorative than branded, then a custom printed floor or mat could be a great way to bring it all together and show off your logo. Either way, there are plenty of options to get you started, and more than enough choice to find something that fits your space and your brand perfectly.

Plush Carpeting 

Plush inlay carpetCarpeting is a classic and comfortable look for any trade show space, and can often make your booth feel warmer and more inviting. Our plush options are many, and they can be custom printed with your logo. If you’re interested in a non-printed, classically simple carpet, consider our Plush Inlay Carpet, which comes in a range of large sizes perfect for a display, or our DigiPrint HD Solid carpet, which gives you unlimited color choices to help you set the right tone.

If you want a logo or image printed on plush carpeting, you can choose from the DigiPrint HD, Grand Impressions HD, or our Custom Shape DigiPrint HD. All of these options, as their names suggest, will give you high-def photo quality logos, so your design will be impossible to miss.

Rubber Mats

Custom Berber matWe offer two rubber mat styles that are useful for high traffic trade show areas, and look great in any setting. The first, Floor Impressions, is a high quality mat that works great for custom printing, since its patterned surface yields photographic quality prints for your logo or image. Our second option, the Custom Berber mat, uses an inlay process to make great prints possible over a large, durable area.

Trade Show Flooring

Flex Floor Clear CollectionExploring our Trade Show Flooring collection is the best way to get a feel for these options, which range from custom printed to standard designs. Flex Floor comes in a stone flooring style, 10 styles of hardwood flooring, and single- and multiple-use styles as well. All have a slight cushion to make the floors comfortable for long days at events! Flex Floor is also available for a full custom print, so you can design something perfect for your space.

We hope these choices get you thinking about your options for improving your booth or event display. Get in touch if you have questions, or would like to talk quotes for our trade show carpeting and flooring options!

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