Small Businesses and Startups: Maximize Your Trade Show Experience

Startups and small businesses face a unique set of problems when it comes to reaching new leads and potential customers. It’s unfortunately true that lacking funds and a big staff can often limit your ability to reach these people – but reaching them is essential for growing your business. Trade shows and similar industry events can be a great way to even the playing field in a sense, but you have to do it right and be smart.

We’re guessing that you’re pretty budget conscious in your planning. There are many tricks and tips to help, but here are our ideas for making the biggest impact possible, and getting the most out of your trade show experience:

Spend Wisely for Visuals

Fabric pop upIf you take the time to choose a few high impact pieces, and customize them effectively, you can make the good impression you need to get leads, without spending a ton of your hard earned business dollars. Our #1 suggestion is to get an eye-catching fabric pop-up, to serve as a backdrop for your space. These are very cost-effective compared to more complicated booth setups, but with the right design they can really wow passersby. Go for bright colors and big splashy images to grab attention.

Keep Your Staff Fresh and Friendly

Trade show staffBeyond great visuals, it is so important to make sure that people who do visit your booth have a great experience. We’ve all seen trade show fatigue in action – people slumped behind a table looking at their phones, salespeople who can’t bear to be on their feet another second. There’s no faster way to lose a lead than to have staff in your booth who are too tired to make that great first impression you need.

We know that small businesses and startups don’t have an endless team of staff members to draw from. But it’s worth putting in some extra effort to make sure your booth has fresh and friendly faces to greet visitors. Even if it means your office is empty, try your best to rotate through staff so that everyone can have a break and time to recuperate.

Invite Your Existing Leads and Customers

Trade show visitorsYou’ve worked hard to gain the leads and customers you already have – so don’t neglect them at your trade show! It doesn’t have to be old fashioned mail invites, but use your social media channels, your email newsletter, and your existing database to make sure everyone knows where you’ll be and that you’d love to see them.

At MVP Visuals, we work with big companies and small startups on a daily basis. We’ll always help you maximize whatever you have to work with for the biggest return on your trade show investment. Get in touch today to talk about your options for great visuals before your next event!

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