Flag Down New Business with Custom Printed Promotional Flags

Flags are not exactly new to the scene when it comes to visuals. We’ve been using them for centuries (millennia?) to show off, to rally the troops, and to claim victory. Heck, we even left one on the moon. It might be that you are already using flags for your business, to promote your brand or your special events and sales.

Whether you’re exploring flags for the first time, or just want to replace your tired old ones, we have some tips and ideas to help you start off on the right foot. The right flag is a great way to get your business noticed, both inside and out of doors.

Stun with Style

Bow flagsStylish flags are perfect for stepping up your game – anything that defies the norm in terms of shape, size or design is going to pay off in more eyeballs taking notice. Our favorite way to grab foot traffic outside a store or trade show booth is with an asymmetrical flag. The unusual shape and aesthetic will definitely get you noticed, especially with the right design. If you want to try it out, consider our very popular banner blades, also called bow flags. These vertical flags come in drop or flying styles, including asymmetrical shapes like our angled, straight, concave and convex blades. Bow flags stand on their own inside or outside, and can be a single or double-sided print.

Aim for the Sky

It shouldn’t be surprising that a super tall flag will draw in attention from far away – sky high promotions will help you reach larger audiences, particularly at crowded outdoor events like festivals and fairs. Use our tallest flags to wave down visitors before your competition does!

Dori poles

Our tallest banner blade reaches almost 18 feet high, and we have vertical flags that stand nearly 20 feet tall. Not high enough for you? Dori poles are an eye-catching alternative since they move in the wind, and with telescoping poles they can reach up to 22 feet.

Location, Location, Location

Having great promotional flags is definitely the most important part of this process, but your next concern should be where to place your visuals. Even the best-designed flag won’t get noticed if it’s placed in the wrong spot or just not visible enough!

Hanging banners

Obviously a lot of this is common sense, but we recommend doing a walk-through of your area (whether it’s your store front, parking lot, or trade show booth) so you can imagine what event-goers and pedestrians see and experience as they come toward your space. Where do your eyes go? Where are you able to place flags that will intersect with the sight line for passersby? Don’t waste a good visual by placing it somewhere out of the way.


We hope these tips and tricks have you thinking hard about what flags will work best for your business and your event needs. What’s next? If you want to talk quotes, product specs or volume pricing, give us a call at 1-800-980-6871, or get in touch by email.

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