3 Tips to Make Your Trade Show Setup Easy

Trade show preparation and setup can be a headache, we know. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Savvy trade show and event exhibitors who know the tricks of the trade can simplify the process and the time needed to get a great looking display up and running. Smart shopping on your part can leave you with visuals, furniture, and equipment that are easy to transport, put together, and break down at the end of the event. We’ve put together a few tips to help you reduce setup time, and the struggles that go with it.

  1. Focus on Compact Visuals
Hard Carry Case for Tents and Accessories


Ideally when you’re setting up or taking apart your trade show display, it’s all hands on deck. But too often you end up packing up by yourself, struggling to carry everything to your van or car, and then trying to fit it all in there. Since you can’t always guarantee that you’ll have help or extra hands, focus on getting visuals that are simple for one person to take apart, carry, and store compactly.

We offer a ton of visuals that fit the bill – many of our custom tents, banners, flags, and displays are specially designed to be lightweight for carrying, and to fold down to a very compact size. We offer sturdy carry cases for all of the above products, and much more. Many even come with a free carry case or roller bag.

  1. Simplify with Easy Furniture

Folding tableTradeshow furniture can be easy – sometimes you’re even provided with the table and other furnishings you need for your display! But when that’s not the case, you don’t want to be lugging around heavy, conventional furniture that wasn’t designed for event spaces. You’ll be wasting valuable space, and just adding to the work you have to do for setup.

Our trade show and event fittings are chosen not just for their great appearance, but for their convenience too. We offer lightweight tables that fold for easy transport, and are a breeze to setup even for one person working alone. Our two options for trade show chairs fold up easily and won’t take up too much space in your display. We even offer a cart to help you move many cocktail tables at once! Equip yourself right to minimize work and heavy lifting.

  1. Shop for Setup

Eclipse II EZ Up TentObviously you consider many factors when looking over new products and visuals for your display. But try to keep a focus on products that list features to make setup easier. A great example of this is the Eclipse II tent, designed with a patented one-piece instant frame that takes seconds to setup. Or, consider our convertible table cover, which uses easy Velcro tabs to adjust the size of your cover.

Overall, smart shopping and simplifying wherever possible will shave a lot of time and heavy lifting from your setup routine. To find out more about our furniture or visuals, or get a quote for what you need before your next event, get in touch with us today.

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