Put Your Best Foot Forward In-Store

If you have a store, restaurant or retail business, you know that getting people into your space is the first step. But foot traffic isn’t the end-goal – it’s the sale! Reaching out to visitors once they’ve entered your business space is a key step that many business owners neglect. Ideally your staff members are the best way to interact with potential customers, but many also like to browse and look around at prices and offers rather than converse with staff. What are you offering them for visuals?

Great in-store visuals are an easy and cost-effective way to help showcase your brand, your special promotions, and your great services or products. Obviously product displays that show your products to their best advantage are key, but what else could you be doing to highlight what you have to offer your customers? We’d suggest some hard-to-miss visuals that draw attention to your best promotions and most popular items.

Stand Out Inside

Pop Out BannerA great first step for indoor visuals is a stand alone banner. We think our Pop Out Banner is ideal for this purpose; it’s a good size and shape for indoor spaces, and won’t block your shelves from view. With three sizes, you can find one that fits in whatever store space you have in mind. And since it’s completely lightweight and portable, you can even move it around your store depending on what you’d like to highlight or emphasize. The Pop Out Banner can be used outside as well, with ground stakes, so you can use it to attract visitors passing by as well.

Aim High

Hanging 3D BannersWe know that floor space can be in short supply in store spaces – often you’re already using every bit of available space for shelving and product displays. You don’t want to put in a banner stand that blocks your customers from moving easily through your space. So where can you advertise your promotions? Look up at all that empty space above your aisles and shelves! Our Hanging 3D Displays are unique and eye-catching – your customers won’t be able to miss a brightly colored display, showing off your specialty items or best offers, hanging above them. Choose from 4 shapes and many sizes, to fit your budget and your space.


Flag Them Down

Pennant stringsA classic and simple way to highlight a certain section of your store – like a sale area or bestsellers display – is with a string of pennant flags. These can be custom printed with any image or text you like, in a huge range of colors. Hang them across your windows, around an aisle, or above a special sale section, for an instant attention-grabber.

Need more suggestions? Have questions about custom sizing to fit your store space? Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you convert your in-store foot traffic to satisfied customers. We have live chat available on our webshop, and you can call anytime at (800) 980-6871 during our business hours to talk to a real, helpful person – not a machine.

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