Pinterest: A Tool for Your Trade Show Design Prep

We know as well as anyone that planning the design for your event booth or display can be pretty overwhelming. Your choices are nearly endless when it comes to what visuals you want to use, and then you still have to decide on colours, styles, sizes and your custom design. And often it’s not just up to you – there are other people you need to work with and who will be helping with the decision-making process. Overall, it’s a lot to keep track of!

Pinterest logoEnter Pinterest. You may have heard of this image-based social platform; when it first hit the scene most people thought of it as a site for collecting 2 things: recipes and wedding inspiration. But since then, Pinterest has really boomed out into almost every field and industry. Even car companies have Pinterest now! The essential idea is that you ‘pin’ images from the internet (or that you upload yourself) onto ‘boards’ to keep them organized and accessible.

Why the Interest in Pinterest?

The primary benefits of Pinterest center around two things – it’s image-based, and it’s a place to easily collect things. Since your search for trade show and event visuals will certainly yield a ton a product and display images, and since you’ll probably have a hard time keeping track of your choices across many sites and companies, Pinterest is here to help you!

Pin Your Inspirations

The first step of pulling together a new trade show or event display is getting inspiration. When you find a display setup that has the feel and look that you want for yours, pin that to an inspiration board. You can even take photos of booths you like at an event, and upload them yourself! If you want to include co-workers in this or any other stage, you can easily create group boards and invite them to pin their own inspirations as well.

Pin Your Product Favorites

Pinterest boardsThe next step after getting inspired is really hitting the pavement to search for products and visuals that will help you create the look you’ve decided on. When you’re pinning, it doesn’t just have to be products that you like the look of – you can also pin images that link to a special offer or discount, so that it’s ready when you’re ready to purchase. You can even make different boards for different products, to keep your options for table covers separate from your many choices for carpets. Pinning can help you shop around for the best prices and quotes, without losing track of the product and style that you originally liked!

Pin Your Final Choices

Eclipse II custom tent with sidewallWhen you’ve finally decided on the right custom tent, and the right sidewall to go with it, pin those to a special board for your final decisions. Then you can refer back anytime you’re considering something else – say a table cover and banner – so that you can make sure your new choices will jive with what you have already decided on, in terms of color, style and general feeling. This board is also a great place to keep track of your budget, since you can see what you’ve decided to buy!

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