Mother’s Day Trade Show Planning Tips

Mother's Day FlowersI’m not shy to admit that I have learned an awful lot from my mother about, well, just about everything. When you’re growing up, moms seem to know everything there is to know. And when you get older, moms are still a primary reference for life lessons. Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, so this seems as good a time as any to delve into the well of mom-wisdom for some trade show planning advice. 

Prepare for Everything (Including the Worst Case Scenario)

If your mom was like mine, she always had everything on hand. Bug spray, band aids, books, snacks, mittens, mittens for when those mittens get soaked, etc. And that stuff traveled with her because she was prepared for anything that might happen, whether you were out for a picnic or  on a ski trip.

Convertible table cover

You should absolutely be preparing for your next trade show or event like that – think about everything you could possibly need, and everything that could go wrong. What if your display space isn’t what you expected? What if your table isn’t the size you thought it would be? Coming prepared with the right materials will help you deal with these crises in true calm-mom fashion. We also offer adjustable length table covers to help you roll with the punches. And of course, don’t forget the duct tape!

Have a Backup Plan

The next step in preparing like mom is having a backup plan for when things don’t go the way you originally planned. Moms know how to roll with bad weather, missed school buses, and broken toys.

Eclipse II What if your next outdoor event comes with storm clouds and rain? Do you have a custom tent to keep your display and your staff dry, while showcasing your brand? What if your original supplier bails on you at the last minute? Do you have a backup option for getting your custom visuals in time? We have incredibly fast turnaround times for all our visuals, so we can help you out there. Some of our visuals are even available for rush 24-hour production, like the Eclipse II custom tent!

Clip Coupons (or the Modern-Day Equivalent)

CouponsMoms (and dads too) can definitely appreciate your need to stick to the budget – there’s nothing like grocery shopping for growing kids to help you keep an eye on your wallet. My mom definitely clipped coupons from the newspaper when I was a kid, and now I do it too!

You’re not likely to see coupons for trade show banners and discount table covers, but there is a 21st century alternative to coupons: the email mailing list. Sign up to our mailing list for monthly offers and discounts, and shop smart for your budget!

The Mom Approach I’ve presented here might take a little more time up-front, with advance planning and preparation long before your event. But the results you get will be well worth the time! Let us know if we can help in your preparations or decision-making process.

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