Your Artwork and Printing: Videos to Help with Custom Design

Dye Sublimation Printed Table CoverHere at MVP Visuals, we’re big fans of informational and demonstrative videos. These videos are a fun and helpful way to get information across to our visitors and customers, and also a great way to show you what the products look like up close, how they work, and how to set them up.

We work really hard to make sure that you have all the support you need to look around, get your questions answered, and make the decisions that get you what you need. We know the many frustrations of shopping around online: getting lost in a maze-like webshop, unclear product descriptions, poor quality photos, or inflexible products that can’t be customized to your specs. We’ve seen it all.

That’s why we try to keep our webshop and product listings clear, straightforward, and helpful. That’s also why we have live chat, a support page, and blogs and eBooks to help you out. When you have questions, you want answers without having to hunt around, and we get that. That’s why we started our video series. And there’s more good news – we have two today to show you!

Printing Methods: What are Your Choices?

Our newest video is here to help clarify your options for custom printing through MVP Visuals, and the difference between those options. MVP’s very own Emily explains about our two most popular options for printing: full dye sublimation, and screen printing. Watch the video here:

Many of our videos, like this one, are in response to questions that we hear from our customers during the purchase process. They’re also a great opportunity to show you the materials up close – like the printed fabric in the video!

Artwork for Anyone: What You Need

There’s a big leap between having your logo on your website, Facebook or letterhead, and  having it printed big and bold on a custom tent, table cover or banner. In day to day business life, you probably only work with your logo or brand designs in pretty small formats. But when it comes time to splash it across something big and eye-catching, you’ll need something more than just a little ol’ jpeg image file.

Since we often work with businesses that are doing this for the first time, we put together a video explaining the types of files you can use for large-scale printing, and the terms you need to know:

So if this is your first time going big with your logo or brand design, relax – you’re in good hands. Check out this review from a recent customer who needed help with custom printing:

“I made a commitment to be at a big conference and needed a professional image for our business, Heartsong Yoga Center. Calling MVP was the best thing I could have ever done. I was able to order a beautiful tablecloth for the event, with my logo splashed across the front, and with the excellent help of Ally in customer service was able to design a custom banner with beautiful artwork and the perfect images to define our company. She was attentive, creative, and walked me through the entire process.”  – Sheila Magalhaes

You can read more testimonials from our customers on Google Reviews. We’re happy to help bring your company’s vision to life, and we work hard to get the quality, colors and style exactly right. With the help and info from our videos, you’ll be able to prep your artwork and choose a printing process, and be that much closer to having the finished product in your hands! As always, reach out to us with questions, quote requests or custom orders!

Looking for more? You can find all our product and informational videos here.

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