The Ultimate Guide to Promotional Flags

When it comes to promotional visuals that can bring your business a boost, flags are right up there at the top of the list. Whether it’s pulling trade show attendees into your booth, or pulling foot traffic into your brick-and-mortar store, flags are high-impact and demand attention. They’re also a great option for directing visitors to your event or location, or publicizing upcoming events.

With so many uses for promotional flags, it shouldn’t be surprising that there are an awful lot of options to choose from as well. Consider these types when it comes time to promote your next event or sale, and whenever you need to draw attention to your space.

Banner Blades

Banner BladesThese eye-catching vertical flags are also called bow flags, and they’re definitely a favourite of our customers. MVP provides a wide range of styles and sizes for these, so you can definitely find just what your business needs for promotion. 

Our tallest banner blades are the flying style, with the largest style reaching nearly 18 feet tall when assembled. This makes them a great choice for drawing attention from far away, particularly at large outdoor events, or along roadsides. You can choose to print on both sides with all our styles (drop style, angled, straight, concave or convex).

Dori Pole Flags

Dori Pole FlagsThese long nylon pennants are meant for motion – Dori Pole flags use the breeze outside to draw the attention of anyone in sight. If you need to pull in traffic from the street, or visitors at an outdoor event, these are hard to miss. With 15 standard colours available, 12 collegiate two-color combinations, and custom colours available as well, you’ll be able to get exactly the style you need from MVP.

Apart from their dramatic impact, Dori Pole flags are great for events because they are easy to use. Taller Dori Pole flags come with a telescoping pole for easy storage, transport and setup. With our wheel stand, you can even anchor your Dori Pole under a car wheel, to secure it when exhibiting at an event on pavement.

Vertical Flags

Vertical FlagsVertical flags are similar to banner blades – they stand tall and grab attention for your business with custom designs and many height options, up to nearly 20 feet. MVP provides many styles, so you can also choose whether you want your vertical flag to stay put or swivel in the wind, depending on the type of base. These vertical flags can be used indoors or outdoors – just make sure you opt for the cross base or steel plate base if you plan on standing your flag inside.

Pennant Strings

Pennant StringsMVP’s pennant strings are entirely customizable, so you can get the size, style, and length that best suits your space. These 12” by 18” triangular pennants will move with the wind to draw eyes to your store front, booth, or event space. You can also choose between simple non-printed flags, or single- and double-sided printing to show your logo or text.

This is just a start when it comes to all your choices for flagging down visitors; with so many custom options, we are happy to work out something that fits your vision and needs. And with no setup or layout fees, you can afford to customize promotional flags with your brand, logo, or event details. Get in touch to discuss quotes and options before your next event or promotion!

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