Tips for Spicing Up Your Space with Custom Tent Accessories

Custom tentThere’s no doubt that a custom tent will help your company make a great first impression at the next outdoor event or trade show. Apart from providing shelter from the sun or elements (after all, even event-planners don’t get to plan the weather!), these tents are awesome because visitors and event-goers really can’t miss them. But how can you really pump it up, to stand out in a crowd of other tents for other companies? We’ve got a few suggestions to share on how to use tent accessories to spice it up – both ideas of our own and ideas that our customers have shared with us after a great event experience!

Add a Sidewall (or Two)

Customer tent sidewallIf you’ve attended at least a few outdoor events in the past year, you’ve probably noticed some tents with extra space for branding and design, in the form of a custom tent side wall. We really can’t recommend these enough, since they allow you a huge space for your logo, some marketing headlines, or an image or design that grabs attention. Don’t lose all that yardage to empty space – consider a side wall in the back of your tent, or sides to section off your space more from the general area. Our tent side walls are made of professional grade fabric, and have an easy-to-setup fastener system.

If you like the idea of more marketing space, but don’t want to completely block out everything, consider side walls with vinyl mesh screens. They are fully customizable with your logo or branding, but still allow visitors to see inside.

Expand Outward

Custom Tent Tear Drop FlagsReaching out toward visitors and event-goers is always a good way to pull them in, and this is especially true when it comes to getting them into your tent! What you have inside won’t matter at all if you can’t get them to stop by.

Flags of all types are a great idea, since you can place them out in the sight-line of visitors passing by your tent. MVP’s custom tent tear drop flags can be designed to match your tent, and then positioned out in front to grab visitors and point them in your direction. If you think your tent design is too simple, these can also be attached to your tent poles to add some pizazz and catch eyes from far away.

Custom Tent Freestanding WallYou can also reach outside your tent space with custom tent freestanding railskirts, which are ideal for sectioning off space in front of your tent for activities, table displays, and anything interactive. Along these same lines, you could really amp up your outreach with a custom tent freestanding wall. Like a side wall, this is a great space for a large image, logo, or marketing message – but by extending the wall from the front of your tent, you can make sure the visual impact is big for those passing by.

Get Creative

You have tons of options to consider such as flags, banners, rail skirts, side walls, and mesh screens to really add some excitement to your tent. If you need help deciding, browse the options available at, or call us and we will be happy to find the right solution for your next event!

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