How to Attract Foot Traffic for Mom and Pop Shops

I’m from a small city that really values its mom and pop shops, and locally-owned brick-and-mortar stores of all types. The city makes an effort to keep big-box stores out of the downtown area, and people travel here to put their dollars toward local families and business owners.

Bow flags/banner blades

Unfortunately, this is just not the case in most areas – mom and pop shops everywhere struggle to compete against the big discount superstores. It might seem impossible to attract those customers when your advertising budget is a tiny fraction of the superstore competition’s budget. But with clever visual marketing and the right custom designs, your small business can pull in increased foot traffic and raise awareness in your neighborhood.


Reach Out and Grab Them

One of the best ways to make sure you lure in foot traffic is to really – physically – put yourself out there. A great window display is helpful, but what if people walk by without looking your way? They’d miss it completely. We suggest extending your reach a bit with flags and other elements that reach out from your storefront. Bow flags, also known as banner blades, are a good way to do this, since they lean out towards the sidewalk.

Custom Berber Mat

A custom mat outside your storefront can be great for grabbing attention. Go for something striking, whether it’s your logo in bright colors or an image that hints at what’s inside. If you have a large space to cover, check out our Custom Berber mat, which can even come in customized shapes. MVP’s Floor Impressions mat is great if you have an image you’d like printed in photographic quality.

Go Bold with Custom Design

Don’t settle for mass-produced stuff when it comes to signs and décor. Customers will respond to your brand when it’s clearly identifiable everywhere – from your signs to your doormat. Bright and distinctive colors are a great way to catch the attention of passersby; at MVP Visuals we do color-matching and use Pantone numbers, so you can make sure any flags, mats or banners you get will work with whatever branding and décor you already have.

Host a (Highly Visible) Promotional Event

Pennant Strings

It’s common sense that a promotional event will bring a little more attention your way, but this doesn’t just have to mean an in-store sale. Why not team up with a local charity for a fundraising event? Or collaborate with your storefront neighbors for a collective sale event? If you plan something special, make sure you have the decorations to highlight it. At the least, pennant strings along your entrance and windows are a great way to draw eyeballs, and give a festive look. If you have the space outside your store, a bright tent would make sure your event is hard to miss. Even if it’s just a simple sale, putting your sale racks outside under a custom tent would bring a big boost in foot traffic.

As a mom and pop shop, you have something special to offer your customers – personal service they can relate to and trust in. Remember also that many people on the street would rather put their hard-earned money into a local business than a big–box store. This means that, with a few well-placed visuals to attract attention, you can steer that foot traffic into your shop instead, and then rely on your great service to do the rest! Get in touch to discuss your custom design, and we’ll make sure your logo really stands out on the street.

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