High Impact Visuals for Your School

At MVP Visuals, we work with schools to produce everything they need for a great look, whether it’s for a special sporting event or just sprucing up campus before graduation. Check out these top options for your school’s events – they’re some of our most popular choices:

Custom Tents

Eclipse II tent

Custom Tents are always popular for schools because they’re perfect for outdoor sports and other school events, and allow you lots of room to display your school pride, whether it’s a mascot or logo. All of our professional-grade custom tents come with a 5-year warranty on parts with natural breakage, so you won’t have to worry about whether your new school tents will last through the next few baseball seasons.

Our two top options are the HUB custom tent and the Eclipse II custom tent. Size is the most obvious difference; the Eclipse II is a square-based tent with 4 legs and a central peak for plenty of headroom, whereas the HUB tent has a hexagonal base (two sizes, 13’ by 13’ or 16’ by 16’) with 6 legs, and more space because of its wider base and cathedral ceiling. If you have trouble deciding which of our custom printed tents is best for your school’s needs, check out this helpful video!

Custom Mats

A great custom carpet or mat from MVP Visuals is really a win-win situation for any school – the right material and tread can help keep your hallways cleaner, while the custom logo or image makes a great first impression for visitors, parents, staff and students.

Our custom Berber mat is the most popular choice for large high-traffic entrance areas, whether indoors or outdoors, because it comes in a big range of sizes (as well as custom shapes), and is super easy to clean.

For indoor spaces, the Digiprint HD custom mat is a great plush carpeting option. A careful layering process (with unlimited color options) makes this carpet the perfect choice if you’re looking to greet visitors with a detailed, high-def image. Use this video for help deciding which of our many custom mats is right for your school. 


Our many banners are a great way to brighten up your school’s campus, and with weather and wind resistant materials, you won’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon. MVP’s custom light pole banners hang vertically, and can be printed on both sides for plenty of personality. Our 18 oz vinyl option is popular because of its durability, and starts at just $59. This video can help you decide on banners for your campus.

Banner blades are another great choice for decorating campus with your school colors, mascot, or logo. The drop style is great for pointing visitors to your entrance or a big sporting event, and the taller flying style is great for maximum visibility (also comes in angled, straight, concave and convex designs). Both styles can be custom printed on both sides.

Table Covers

If you’re looking for table covers for your next big game or campus event, take it up a notch and stand out with MVP’s top-selling stretch mural table cover. This cover allows you to print all over (not just the front panel!) with bright, bold colors, and has a zipper in the back for easy access under your table.

Customized for Your School

All of the above options, and anything else you'll find on our website, can be fully customized to fit the needs of your school or special event. Color matching and free digital proofs will help you get exactly what you're looking for, and we're always available to talk about quotes and custom designs!

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