How to Set Up a Convertible Trade Show Table Cover

Many MVP customers have already adopted our convertible trade show table cover as a quick fix for their events. But we’ve also had a few questions about how to adjust the convertible table cover for a great fit. To help out, we’ve created a video that demonstrates the steps, which you can watch below. In less than a minute, you’ll be able to understand exactly how the convertible table cover works – which is great news if you’ve already got a few, and great motivation if you haven’t ordered yet for your next event!

Say you’re promised an 8-foot table for an event, but when you get there they only have 6-footers left. Or as so often happens, you’re not given detailed specifications at all, and need to be ready to wing it when you arrive. Instead of tripping over an oversized table cover all weekend, or bunching it up sloppily underneath, MVP’s convertible table cover is an easy fix that only improves the look of your display. These adjustable covers come in non-printed and custom printed styles, so they’ll work with your needs for any event.

How It Works

The options for our convertible table covers are many – you can choose between polyester poplin, recycled poplin, liquid repellant and flame retardant material, and select from over 70 colors. The tablecloths come with a hidden Velcro hook and loop, which makes adjusting the length easy. You simply fold over the fabric to match the inner and outer Velcro tabs, and then fold the cover back down, to line up with the end of your table.

The cover is a drape style when used with an 8-foot table, but when it is adjusted to fit a 6-foot table, the folded portion gives your cover a more fitted look. The video below can give you a sense of how the table cover looks in both situations (hint: it looks great at either length!).

Be Flexible for Different Events

We know that flexibility is important when dealing with events, especially if it’s not your own event. It could be anything – a trade show at a convention center, a job fair on a local university campus, a booth at this weekend’s big game. Ideally, you’d know exactly what to expect in this scenario, and when you arrived, everything would be just as described.

But as you are probably all too aware, this isn’t always the case – in fact, it’s almost never the case! Attending an event with your company, and your carefully thought-out booth or table display, is often more complicated than it should be. Having flexible options that can roll with it (like you can) and still impress can help make everything a little less complicated. That’s why products like our convertible table cover exist – to help you always put your best foot forward, no matter what you run into at your events.

If you have more questions about your table cover options, don’t forget to download our free eBook, “Everything You Need to Know About Table Covers.” It comes with how-to instructions, suggestions for use, and details on sizes and styles. And then get in touch to see what other flexible and options we have to help you impress at your next trade show or event!


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