What are my options as a retailer?

Your store, no matter if it is small or large, needs branding. Your competition is selling the same or similar products, and maybe even next door to you.  So what makes your store better than the rest?  Branding is not about getting your customers to choose you over another, but getting them to see you as the only place to go to get their needs met. In order to do that, you need to deliver a clear message that shows you are the most credible. You have to appeal to your customers’ emotions and motivate them to become loyal customers of yours.


Draw them in with a fetching roll up/retractable banner plus.  This is a sturdy, classy and versatile way to attract customers.  With a lightweight aluminum and plastic frame, set-up and takedown is a breeze.  Intended for indoor settings – simply switch out your banner print for a seasonal change in messaging.  Looking for something like this for an outdoor setting?  Our outdoor roll up banner is just what you’ll need.  This banner has industrial-strength sturdiness that will sit steadily on any flat surface be it sand, grass, snow, asphalt or concrete.


Want your shop to pop from the inside out? We offer custom retail displays with a myriad of options ranging from wall murals to 3D signage to interior décor and more.  Click here to see photos of custom displays we’ve recently created.  For a custom quote, please call us at 1 (800) 980-6871 or head over to our Request a Quote page.


Make an entrance with a grand impressions HD indoor carpet.  Not only is this carpet extremely plush, but also your artwork looks absolutely stunning in HD printing.  Available in 6 sizes, unlimited color options, and a 100% recycled rubber backing – place this in your entry way, lobby, boutique – you name it.  Isn’t nice when you can get two things done at once?  Keep your space clean and brand your shop.  It’s a win-win!


Last but not least, get yourself a window cling.  These are completely customizable in size and shape.  Put a large window cling in your storefront window, and smaller window clings throughout your store to highlight new merchandise, best-selling items, or promotional items.

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