5 Tips on How to Give a Flawless Tradeshow Presentation

Whether you’re a natural at public speaking or a novice, unplanned mishaps are always a possibility.  These 5 tips will help you navigate your next trade show presentation without a single noticeable hiccup.


Take a public speaking class

Speaking in public needs to be done right, and it needs to be done effectively.  There are several reasons why taking a public speaking class will help you give a seamless presentation:

  1. It will help alleviate your fears, stage fright, etc.  Once the fear factor is minimized, you can effectively give a speech without faltering or losing faith in your abilities.
  2. You will build confidence by learning how to make eye contact, reflect positive body language, and annunciate – all of these exude confidence.  Confidence sells.
  3. You’ll feel more comfortable fielding nuances associated with public speaking such as when to pause, how to be interactive, and how to create a great first impression.
  4. A public speaking class will give you a platform to practice at, as practice makes perfect!


Carry on if something goes wrong

Don’t spill the beans by letting your audience know that you’ve made a minor error during your presentation.  This will take the attention off of you and your message, and place it on the error.  Simply carry on.  It’s OK – mistakes happen.



Say for example your slideshow presentation, video or audio malfunction during your presentation.  Simply ad-lib your actions until the error is corrected.


Have a Plan B

Anything could happen, so imagine the worst-case scenario and have a backup plan in place.  Create a list of possible solutions for them, so that if they happen they can be fixed immediately.


Take care of yourself the night before

Turn off the laptop, iPhone, etc. at least one hour before going to sleep, and be sure to get a good night’s rest.  Have your outfit for the morning ironed and hung up ready to be worn.  Don’t celebrate early with your team.  That can wait for after the trade show.  Just relax, be yourself, and you will rock it!

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