A Tradeshow Checklist, Part 1

As Louis Pasteur would say, "Chance favours the prepared mind."  Don’t wait until the week before to prep for your next trade show — planning well in advance will not only avail you of opportunity during and after the event, but it will also give you peace of mind.  Trade shows are a combination of high-level strategy and low-level minutiae, so a checklist like this comes in handy.  In part 1, we cover what needs to get done about 3-6 months before the event. 

3-6 months before the event:

Define your goal.  With a clearly-defined goal, you’ll be able to make decisions around matters like messaging, displays and travel arrangements.  Sure, being “successful” at your trade show works, but something more specific like the following would be ideal:

  • Getting 50 signups for your newsletter
  • Making a sale on the trade show floor
  • Finding 1 serious long-term customer
  • Network with 10 industry leaders

Secure a co-pilot. You’ll need a reliable co-pilot in place to help you man the booth.

Finalize your travel arrangements.  Fares and hotel arrangements are cheaper when booked ahead of time.  Get your airfare, rental car and hotel early.

Location matters.  Find a map of the trade show and cherry-pick the best booth available.  Booths near the front doors, bathrooms, centre and end of the room (right side being more coveted than left as most are right-handed), and isle booths are all good spots.

What’s your message? Like good advertising, a good exhibit clearly communicates one major message. This draws in more prospects to your booth than an unfocused racket of messages.

Design your booth.  You want your booth to stand out and to be different…our job here at MVP Visuals is to help you do just that.  If you haven’t checked out our free eBook, Everything you need to know about table covers: The ultimate guide to sizes, styles, and making your brand pop, then click here to download it.  Looking to streamline your marketing process?  Watch this short video on MVP: One Shop — a personalized, online store that features a secured log-in, approved artwork and specific products and pricing.   Perfect for any business looking to order custom promotional items efficiently.

Stay tuned for our Trade show Checklist, Part 2, which covers the month before the event, as well as a checklist for during the event.

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