How to increase your newsletter subscription database at your next tradeshow

Email marketing is one of the most effective online marketing tools available to businesses of all types and sizes.  No matter how you define your success, you can achieve outstanding results with email marketing while investing only a small amount of time and even a small amount of capital.  Events like trade shows and expos are a golden opportunity to add to your newsletter subscriber base – but what is the best way?

Have an iPad with your newsletter sign-up form readily available either propped up on your booth’s table or mounted on your booth’s wall with a sleek iPad Stand.  You’ll want to incentivize your visitors to sign up for your newsletter with a desirable offer.  For example, you could offer X% off their first purchase or a free gift for signing up.  The less data you request to collect on the form, the better – only gather what you need i.e. your visitor’s name, company name (if applicable), and their email address.  The less work your visitor has to do the better, so take it upon yourself to gather as much as the information as you can on their behalf.  Also, be sure to send new contacts a welcome email that confirms their opt-in to your list.

Add a QR code to your marketing collateral that people can scan to opt into your email database.  A Roll Up/Retractable Banner Economy is a great way to display a QR code alongside your trade show booth.  When creating the artwork for your banner, don’t forget to include an incentive to encourage visitors to scan.  Once you have your banner from us, simply prop it up to the side of your table and watch the sign-ups flow in!

Host your own invite-only webinar and promote it at your next trade show event.  In order to register for the event, guests will need to sign-up using their email address.  Always send your new sign-ups a confirmation email as a reminder for the webinar a day or two after the trade show, as well as a second reminder a week before your webinar goes live.

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