The Triga Tension Fabric System: A sleek and sustainable solution for all enviornments

The Triga Tension Fabric System is a sturdy and attractive portable display option for your next big event.  As a highly modular system, it can be reconfigured time and time again to meet your ever-changing display needs.

Choose to add seamless fabric prints on one or both sides of your display walls.  Display walls can have up to 8 sides allowing you to create a table, plinth or tower structure.  Walls can be as long or as short as you like, with easily modifiable angles that allow you to turn straight walls into “L” or “U”-shaped exhibition stands or pop-up retail stores.

Triga Systems are completely customizable: Add giant, branded towers by inserting a few extra poles and increasing the height of your displays.  You may also mount LCD screens on your walls and display towers.  Add shelving, tables, backlighting, counters or plinths all from the same three Triga aluminum extrusions.  And, whenever you want, you can easily swap out your fabric-printed panels for a fresh, new design.

We offer the following standard options for backlighting:

  • LED Clamp-On lights (Clamps to crossbar of any unit to cast light vertically or horizontally across the outside of the graphics).
  • High Intensity Fluorescent lighting (interior lighting for all displays that mount to crossbars).
  • High Intensity LED bar lighting (interior lighting for all displays that mount to crossbars - higher quality and more energy efficient).
  • LED Peg Board lighting (Custom built per application either to light up a particular section or an entire display).


Pricing starts as low as $799.  Call us for your custom Triga System quote today: 800.980.6871


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