Get Schooled! Trade Show Industry Blogs for 2014

Although final figures haven't yet been released, CEIR has estimated that the trade show industry could grow at a rate similar to the one seen two years ago – 3.9 percent.

With uncertain economic conditions stalling most companies in neutral when it comes to expanding their trade show and marketing efforts, there's no better time to take a step back and reassess what's worked in the past for your business and what has failed.

Here, we provide five blogs that every trade show planner should have in their bookmark folder:


1) The Trade Show Blog

With a title that's as all-encompassing as it could possibly be, it shouldn't be a surprise that The Trade Show Blog is sort of a catch-all when it comes to topics. There are event profiles, tips for trade show success and even trade show trends (Did you know that printing companies aren't attending events as often or that Las Vegas has rebranded itself as a straight-laced venue?).


2) Two Hat Marketing

Steve Miller knows what he likes and what he doesn't like when it comes to marketing. Thirty years in the industry will do that to a person. A quick look at the first page of his blog and you see that he doesn't have much patience for infographics ("overdone and uninteresting"), those who hide behind a veil of "internet courage" and those who don't devote proper resources to social media.  His blog branches out into topics that aren't always related to trade shows, but all posts will give you some understanding of business marketing.


3) The Hill Group

"The Trade Show Survival Guide" is one of the more unconventional trade show planning books you're likely to read this year.  Between the multi-colored pages and cartoons on every page, author Matt Hill clearly took some liberties in writing his book.


His blog is far more conventional, both in topic selection and in how they're presented. There's no "Non-violent ways of getting attention" headings here – just "Attributes of a successful trade show staffer" and similar topics.


4) Smart Meetings

Now here's a blog that has it all. Regular posts, a nice variety of topics and an engaging tone.  Smart Meetings, a division of Bright Business Media, understands events so well that it hosts its own trade shows – Smart Events – 12 times annually.

Concerned about going to a trade show and being surrounded by unhappy people? The "Researchers Find Happiest Cities" story might be to you liking.  Check it out here.


5) 'Hey Newman'

Ken Newman solves a problem that businesses everywhere have encountered from time to time. As a professional trade show presenter, he is the person you turn to when you don't have the staff in house to properly present your message to the masses.

If you want to take care of trade show marketing yourself, but you just need some helpful advice, his company also runs a trade show blog called "Hey Newman" that he updates from time to time.


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