Creating A More Customized Visitor Experience With Tablets

It used to be that when a visitor arrived at a trade show booth, no matter where he/she was in the decision-making process, they had the same experience, or received the same information as everyone else i.e. “one-size fits all”.  Due in large part to technology, those all-for-one experiences have turned into something more customized.

With access to so many sources of information, today’s trade show attendees are educated, and come prepared with a specific set of questions based on their needs and goals. CEIR reports 76% of attendees arrive with a “must-see” list.

Trade show experiences are now designed to let guests “choose their own” adventure. For example, on a booth tour, attendees have the flexibility to choose which tour track aligns closely with their needs or interests. Or in a detail conversation, reps equipped with non-linear sales tools can jump to specific content based on each prospect’s conversation.

Our recommendation: Take your iPad or Samsung Galaxy on the road and conveniently display your tablet with a chic MVP Visuals iPad Stand.  Prop on the wall, or mount within your booth — this is a great way to attract customers and give them a valuable experience.  Available in either Silver or Black, this iPad stand is compatible with any iPad Generation 2 or later, and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1.


Some quick tips on how to best make use of your iPad at your next trade show…

1. Turn the screen's brightness down to 30%.

2. Get rid of all apps except the ones you'll be using.

3. Keep them clean!

4. Use soothing colors — tensions are high at trade shows.

5. Make a presentation and engagement plan that is simple enough for any rep to follow, using your tablet, of course.


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