Carpets & Mats

Watch their jaws hit the floor.

Few visuals make as much of an impact on the look of your space as a full color carpet. It can be easy to overlook the foundational elements of a great visual display when you start looking at all the extras – banners, flags, pop ups. But the basis of an eye-catching display, whether it’s a trade show booth or the entrance of your business, is a high quality carpet or mat.

MVP Visuals offers custom-printed and non-printed carpets and mats to bring both functional and aesthetic benefits to your space. Whether it’s for your entryway, your event booth, or your storefront, a custom printed mat is a great way to maximize your branding, while also keeping your space clean and comfortable to use. If you’ve worked hard to make your building or event space a welcoming and neat area, keep it that way with a mat or carpet that makes the right first impression. We offer a huge selection of options, so you can get exactly what you need for your brand and your setup.

Our indoor carpets and mats range from simple and economical non-printed options, to high-def plush carpets with photo quality printing. Whether it’s for a high or low foot traffic area, we have mats that will keep your entryways looking sharp, or your exhibit space clean and well branded.

For outdoor carpets and mats, we have 7 branded or non-printed options that stand up well to outside wear and tear, and high foot traffic areas. These are also easy to maintain and clean, since you can typically sweep or hose them off.

If you’re looking for trade show flooring for your next event, our options include an 11oz dye sublimated carpet for top quality custom designs, as well as many types of Flex Floors (custom printed, hardwood, stone, and more).

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